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Applying to us is easy. However, there are certain qualifications that pertain to getting hired in Korea.. Read these carefully before applying to us:

Must satisfy these requirements, absolutely NO exceptions:

1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited University or College in any discipline*

*No Bachelor’s degree, no work visa issued. This is a government regulation strictly enforced by Korea. Please do not apply if you do not have a degree.

2. Native English speaker (if you were not born or raised in one of the countries listed below, please do not apply)

3. Valid passport from one of the following countries only: Canada, UK, USA, Ireland, SA, Australia and New Zealand. **

**No other countries in the world will be issued the proper work visas for ESL teachers. This is a government regulation enforced in Korea and therefore there is nothing we can do about it. Please do not apply if you do not hold a passport from one of the countries listed.

How to apply to Russell recruiting

Please email the following items to the email address provided.Note: we cannot accept faxes or postal mail. You will need to find an outlet to scan your docs and email them if it is not possible from your residence:

1.Resume - Email as an attachment in aWord file

2.Recent pic of yourself - Scanned jpeg or digital photo

3.Passport photo/info page - Scanned jpeg or digital photo*

*If you do not feel comfortable emailing this document, then just provide your d.o.b., place of birth, nationality and passport expiration info in your email.

4.Preferred start date and location info

Other info that may put you ahead of the field:

a) Any Reference letters from previous schools - Scanned jpeg or digital photo
b ) Other Certification such as: Master’s, TEFL Cert, etc


What we do after receiving your docs

We basically package all your docs together, check your References, verify official docs, etc., and then email them to our various contacts in the areas you have requested. They then shop you around to the schools in need of a teacher. If X school decides they want to hire you or at the very least, give you a phone interview, then we let you know by sending you the job details, contact info of the school, contact info of the current foreign teachers there to check the legitimacy of the org and a blank contract for you to peruse. We then go from there with respect to your interest. For what to watch out for regarding alarm bells and warning signs of a bad school, go to our Advice page.


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