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Where do we start?! Well, we use the term “Benefits” loosely and basically we lump everything you’ll come across in a contract, onto this page. The following is what one can expect to find in an average contract in Korea. Here is a concise summary of what benefits you will encounter:

• One economy class roundtrip plane ticket given
• Furnished apartment provided
• 2-3 weeks holiday, sick leave
• Medical coverage
• Access to all teaching materials and resources
• Higher salaries with EFL/ESL experience and/or ESL/EFL Certification
• Bonus of one month's salary upon completion of contract


Companies we deal with will provide one economy class roundtrip ticket from the international airport of your choice to Korea and back. If it so happens you would like to fly to a destination other than back to your original point of departure, that can be arranged as long as the destination is equal to or less than the value of flying back to your original point of departure. If it is more, you may have the option of paying the difference. Many teachers do this after they finish their contracts because they are about to do some travelling in other countries in Asia before returning home.


A furnished two-bedroom apartment is provided and usually shared with one other teacher. If you are a new arrival and are replacing a teacher, chances are, you are moving into his/her apartment. This is beneficial, as your roommate-to-be will be helpful in showing you the neighbourhood, the shops and the transportation routes to various places around the city you will be situated in. Because of the fact that teachers previous to you have lived in the apartment, you will find everything you need that has been left behind. Companies supply the apartments with beds, desks, chairs, couches, pots/pans, TV, VCR, washing machine and the rest of the basics but you may find that certain other luxuries are there from previous teachers. Some schools will have single accommodation in the form of a studio or 1 bedroom apt, depends on the school and their set-up.

Some schools charge deposits they will collect from you over the first three months of your contract. It will be returned upon completion of contract when all utility bills have been paid in full which are the responsibilities of the teachers., as is the shape of the apt upon moving out. This is to combat teachers racking up huge long-distance telephone bills before they leave and then do not pay the bill. The companies, in many cases, are stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of charges. Yes, unfortunately, there are dishonest teachers out there and this is why certain companies no longer want to take the chance. Some companies we recruit for do not charge this but others do. Locations of the apartments are in close proximity to the schools, usually within walking distance or a short bus/subway ride away.

Holidays/Sick Leave

There are usually 10-13 nationally recognised paid holidays in Korea along with 10-12 school holidays that are conveniently lumped around the major holidays like in Korea such as Chu-Sok, to give the teacher maximum time off for that given period. Teachers are typically given 30 hours of paid sick leave (30 classes/ 5 full teaching days). Whatever is not used shall be paid out upon completion of contract. There is also Emergency Leave where teachers are eligible to receive 6 days of paid leave in the event of death or serious illness in close family members.(Note: sick days and emergency leave vary among contracts.

Medical Coverage

The medical insurance is provided by the Korean Medical Insurance Union (KMIU). The benefits are the same as for Koreans. The teacher pays 50% and the employer the other half. It works out to approximately 1.5% of your gross salary.


Typically, salaries range from 2.0-2.8+ million Won/mt Obviously, these figures depend on what credentials you possess, how much full-time classroom experience you have under your belt and other factors such as relevancy of Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees. An applicant who has little or no experience(please do not count tutoring or coaching sports/camps as classroom experience, it will be of little value), can expect the lower salary of 2.0 million Won/mth. Someone with say, 2 years of teaching ESL abroad and who has TESL Certification, might warrant 2.3 million Won/mth.

Bottom line here is, you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree for starters, no exceptions to the rule for Korea. This is a government regulation You MUST have a Bachelor’s degree.


Teachers have access to all teaching materials and resources and are not required to bring their own materials. For example, YBM's publishing division in Seoul publishes all textbooks. There is a teachers' room at all schools that holds all materials and resources and includes photocopiers, stereos and computers. Of course some variation will occur between countries and companies here.

Severance Pay

Upon completion of a one-year contract, the teacher will receive as a bonus, one month's pay that is based on the average gross salary of the previous twelve months. Contracts do vary though and sometimes a bonus is paid out each month instead of a lump sum at the end of the contract. If the teacher decides to sign on and extend his/her contract, the bonus shall be paid out at the end of the new contract along with the bonus for the second year. All teachers are given the option to extend their contracts beyond one year or sign a long-term deal. All Korean schools have severance packages.


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