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To anyone considering teaching overseas,

I had a great time teaching in Korea. I had an apartment really close to the school with a mountain right outside my door. I spent weekends hiking and relaxing. The staff members were friendly. There were a lot of materials for teachers to use in the resource library and there was unlimited use of the photocopier, which, was an issue in some schools of other companies. The teachers at the school were very supportive and I found that there were a lot of things to do in the area and places to explore around the city of Chinju and the rest of Korea. I recommend teaching at either institution to any new teachers. It's a great opportunity to improve teaching skills. There is never a dull moment in Korea. My next stop is China for a change of scenery.

G Gilmour
Winnipeg, MB

Hi there!

I used Russell Recruiting/Asian Gateway to find a job in Asia, Korea actually. I had a really tough time finding someone I could trust, it seemed like a minefield out there, all these promises and hot air. Thankfully, the people at Russell Recruiting calmed me down and helped steer me through to the right path. I got to choose from a number of different positions and was given the contact info for the teachers at the school so I could check up on things and get the real take on things like the actual apt I was to live in, who my roommate was going to be, what the director was like to work for, etc. Thank God I had this info ahead of time, I felt totally comfortable walking into my new job, my new country and I can say that I have now been at the same school for three years and have enjoyed every minute of my time here! I would seriously recommend these guys to assist you in finding work, they know what to watch out for!


Tasha Jillson
Buffalo, NY, USA




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