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Here are some useful links we have found for you that have a number of different uses. Many are link partners of ours and have relevant info for the average ESL teacher seeking employment. Everything from city guides and country info to ESL job listings and teaching resources. Have a look around, a plethora of knowledge awaits you!

If you’d like to exchange links, please email us at the address below and include your link and a logo (max. 130 x 70 pixels). Keep in mind, we have the right to reject your request. Your site must also link to us and be in a relevant ESL Education field. No exceptions!




ESL Job Find Listings

Our sister site, ESL Job Find is beginning to get quite the reputation as a straight-up, no-nonsense ESL job listings site. You can find jobs from all countries here such as Poland, Korea, China, Greece, Spain, the list goes on and on. You can apply directly to the job listings as well as post a free Resume, participate in the Message Board and scan their Black and White List for the good the bad and the ugly of ESL schools throughout the world!


Overseas Travel Info

Transitions Abroad provides practical information covering all aspects of work abroad, study abroad, overseas travel and international living. A well organised site with a lot to offer the teacher, the student and the traveller.


ESL Job Listings Board

Message board site listing numerous jobs in Korea and other countries as well. Simple, easy to navigate through and a good layout for those who just want to quickly browse to see what's out there. Good source for other ESL-related sites too in their Links section.






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