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What we do for you

First off, don't ever let any recruiter or company try and charge you for their services. Recruiters are all paid on a placement fee arrangement. The schools pay us for sending them teachers. If a recruiter asks for cash from you, stay away! They are scam artists. For more advice tips like this, we recommend you visit our Advice page. The only costs to you should be those of a courier for when you go to send your original documents to Asia as well as the administration fee at any Consulate for processing the work visa.

In a nutshell, we basically introduce you to some detailed info regarding placements in Korea. If you read through our site, you will get a better idea of what is involved regarding schools, contracts, advice and general knowledge that has been passed on from other teachers through our letters, stories and pics sections. You send us your documents that we request on the Apply page and we in turn forward them on to our contacts in the country you want to work in. They will look for the right position that matches your specifications as close as possible. Once a school has been found that is interested in hiring you, they send us the contract, the details and the contact info of the current teachers. We then present that to you with our opinions if it's a decent offer or not. If you are intrigued, then we get the ball rolling.

We recommend you DEFINITELY call or email the current teachers to get the real scoop on the apartment you'll be living in, the students you'll be teaching, the director's habits and how s/he treats the staff, local amenities, along with other useful info that we just can't provide since we are not there, the current teachers are. They prove to be quite a valuable source of info and those very people could be your future roommates and/or co-workers. We try and maintain a Black and White list of the good, the bad and the ugly but it's difficult to keep track of every single ESL school and company in Asia.

After speaking with the teachers and perhaps having a telephone interview with the director, you'll need to make the decision on whether to accept or not. If not, then no big deal; we just start over again and try another school or location that is more to your liking. A year is a long time to be away so the right choice from the beginning is key here. If you do accept, then we take it to the next level.

You send your original(or notarised at X Consulate) documents to the school directly, they apply for your work visa and once the visa issuance letter is ready, they'll fire that off to you. This letter will secure your visa and you will obtain a stamp in your passport when you go to validate the letter at the closest Consulate near you. Meanwhile, we are working with the school to book your flight and arrange your itinerary. All of this sounds quite confusing and a lot of work but we help you every step of the way so no need to worry. You aren't on your own after you say yes to a job offer. Nor are you alone for the year in Korea. We try and stay in touch with you to make sure you are ok. You can email us anytime if you have problems at the school, need any questions answered or just want to drop us a line and chat.

As stated above, this is the process in a nutshell. For more detailed info, just email us. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question when considering overseas employment. It can be a minefield and we are here to guide you to a safe, reputable school!

It should be noted here that because the majority of jobs in Korea cater to children aged 5-17, that is where our focus is.We are beginning to establish solid, legitimate contacts who can help us place you in a school that has the age groups you desire. Just specify in your email which ages you wish to teach!

Perhaps you are just looking for some initial info or a semi-detailed description on how to apply, what to expect, etc? Simply email us at the address below and put in your subject line: "Request Intro Letter." You will receive our letter immediately. We’ll go from there once we hear back from you and know your intentions.


All other inquiries, please click the email icon below for the address pertaining to your concern:

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